Friday, March 16, 2012

Bronze Age Ring Uncovered in UK

"It had lain undiscovered for around 3,000 years.

But now a ring dating back to the Bronze Age has been uncovered by a Winchester metal detector enthusiast, an inquest heard.

Alan Cracknell was on the verge of giving up his search for the day when he came across the rare find.

In his 30 years doing the weekend hobby, Mr Cracknell had found items like buttons and buckles from the Georgian period to the medieval period, but nothing like this."

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

'Diggers' Rubs MT Arkies the Wong Way

"Montana's state archaeologist said a Montana duo of metal detector artifact hunters featured in a new National Geographic television program appear to have violated state law.

He isn't the only one upset by the content of the show 'Diggers,' which featured Anaconda-area residents Tim Saylor and George Wyant. The show has also become the focus of Facebook petitions and write-in campaigns to the channel criticizing the show's content.

The first episode of the 'Diggers,' called 'Montana Juice,' was filmed at the Old Montana Prison, a state-owned property in Deer Lodge."

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If the two fellows names sound familiar, they were mentioned in a post here from July of last year.

Do you agree with Archaeologists? How do you feel about these new hobby related programs.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Link to Wartime Indian Mules?

"Out metal detecting on his family’s croft recently, Donald Matheson of Inverasdale, and Wester Ross, came across some items which may hold the clue to a WWII mystery.

He unearthed a series of curved pieces of metal and one by one has pieced them together – and realized that they are in fact tiny horseshoes. Thinking they possibly belonged to Shetland ponies as they were so small, he took them to a local retired blacksmith who instantly referred to them as belonging to the ‘wartime Indian mules’.

When he was younger, Donald had heard stories of an Indian soldier’s camp being in the Loch Ewe area during the war – but no one seemed to be able to establish the truth. So, with his exciting metal find, he is beginning to piece the story together with the help of those in the area who lived through the war."

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FL Arkies Against 'American Diggers'

"'American Digger,' the TV show featuring a former pro wrestler and his team digging up historical treasures is entertainment, says the show’s spokeswoman.

'We don’t encourage any digging on federal or state lands,' said spokeswoman Shana Tepper for Spike TV, the producers of the show. 'It is only on private property' and done within the boundaries of the law, including the site in downtown St. Augustine that will be featured in an upcoming show.

'If you watch the show, you’ll see (host) Ric (Savage) going from door-to-door getting permission,' she added."

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On a side note, at the end of the article it outlines many of the laws regarding our hobby in FL, in particular the St. Augustine area.

How do you feel about the ethics in the show and how they portray folks in the like-mind?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kids Reunite WWII Vet With Dog Tag

Though not a MD find, I'd be willing to bet that due to this find, these couple kids will join our hobby community in the near future. A nice video to accompany the story on the jump.

"A prized possession lost for more than six decades has been returned to its rightful owners this week, thanks to some pint-sized treasure hunters in Carterville.

Maddox Crain, 6, and Gauge Mitchell, 8, discovered an old military dog tag while they were playing near their daycare this week.

'He was just going across the bridge and I was behind him, and I just looked at the dirt and see if I could jump over. And I just saw a necklace sticking out of the ground,' said Crain.

The necklace was actually a World War II-era dog tag with a ring attached. The boys dug it out of the dirt and took it to the woman who runs their daycare to settle a dispute."

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MDing Damages Mammoth Sites? SB105

Yes folks, we've now heard it all. Apparently our machines now detect mammoth bones... not sure what they show up as on the VDI, but I'd bet it's somewhere just inside the BS range.

"Legislation that would allow people to use metal detectors in state parks and monuments has some concerned it could put historic sites at risk for damage.

Some who oppose Senate Bill 105 fear it might open the floodgates for amateurs digging up artifacts at Big Bone Lick State Park in Boone County, which is famed for its bones of extinct mammoths, sloths and other large mammals.

State Sen. Dan Seum, R-Fairdale, introduced the bill, which passed the Senate this week 20-16, and awaits approval in the House. Seum did not return messages seeking comment this week on why he introduced the bill."

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Monday, March 5, 2012

VOTE NOW - FMDF Diggin' It With Friends T-Shirt Contest

Hey folks, it's that time of the year again when I've entered the T-Shirt design contest for the FMD Diggin' it With Friends 4th Annual Treasure Hunt in Rich Hill, MO which will be held on May 19th, 2012. As usual, my good friend Bill Grey of Grey Area Graphics (see banner to the right) will be printing these for those who want them.

I've finished 2nd for the past two years, but this year I'm going for gold. I'm humbled that three of my designs made it into the top five nominees for voting, and now I'm asking all my loyal readers (you are loyal, aren't you? haha) to head on over to FMDF and vote for #4. Click the following link to vote, you only have until the 17th to do so!

*** VOTE #4 ***

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Finding The Goods in Cisco, TX

"'You get about 15 pieces of trash to every coin you find, if not more,' said Vance Gwinn. 'But my collection is growing and growing.'

Using patience and a metal detector, Gwinn, 53, has found hundreds of bullets, belt buckles and coins, not to mention jewelry, gun parts and just about any other metal thing you can think of.

'I started when I was 19, I hunted the Easter Pageant grounds out here, it was my first really good hunt,' he said."

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Image Credit: Ronald Erdrich / Reporter News

SB105 to Effect KY Hobbyists

"'Finders keepers' is not exactly the law in Kentucky and when it comes to use of metal detectors, a popular and sometime lucrative hobby, it is not allowed in some places.

That may change if Senate Bill 105 makes its way through the legislature this session.

On Tuesday, SB105 passed through the Senate Committee on Economic Development, Tourism and Labor to allow the use of metal detectors at state parks and monuments.

If passed, the law would protect enthusiasts who use metal detectors, within the guidelines of the law, officials said."

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Miffed Arkies Due To 'Digger' and 'American Diggers'

"Historic artifacts can bring in big bucks. Show likes 'Diggers' on the National Geographic channel or Spike TV's 'American Diggers' document the hunt for prized artifacts.

But some archaeologists are standing up against these shows. They say the techniques used on the shows to dig up artifacts ends up destroying more history. They also feel these artifacts should be preserved, not dug up for profit.

With his metal detector by his side Robert Compton has uncovered dozens of Civil War artifacts.

'I've uncovered everything from mini balls, to cannon balls, buttons, bullets, buckles,' said Compton."

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A nice video is aired with the news article on the jump!

Just more arkies in an uproar regarding these shows... share your thoughts by commenting below!